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It’s our pleasure to help you gain insight without going crazy.

It's all about being up-to-date

At Picasi, we understand that market insight is crucial for knowledge workers like you and us.

That’s why we provide tools and know-how to support pragmatic processes to gather and use relevant information in your business.

You can leverage that information to actively position yourself as a thought leader and make more profound decisions.

You don't know your business unless you know your market.

This is us


Over and over again I had to collect information about the market: To create compelling content, to talk to customers, to shape our products or prepare strategic decisions.

But I couldn’t find a tool that met my needs.

That’s why we started Picasi.


I developed scalable solutions based on Amazon's AWS tech steck for all niches and sizes of companies. Technology is ever changing and so are customer requirements.

But staying up-to-date in many areas was a pain.

That's why we started Picasi.

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