Being up-to-date about the market will help you close a deal

Have you ever experienced a poorly prepared salesperson? It's cringeworthy. - By showing interest in your contacts, you prove your appreciation.

What do you want to be recognized for in your market?

I assume it’s your subject-matter expertise.

Because being an expert drives people in your direction.

And though expertise is not the only thing that matters: Without expertise, all your personal branding efforts will fall flat.

Gathering market insight systematically can help you grow your expertise and prove it by sharing or even selling your worldview.

You can share it on your website, social media, guest posts, podcasts, or youtube channels.

You can sell it as consulting service, white book, report, membership site content, and keynote talks.

There are plenty of opportunities to showcase your expertise.

But first, get it up-to-date by conducting Market Mapping.

Your market will recognize you for being a subject-matter expert.

What format do you prefer to share and sell your market expertise?

Please share your perspective in the comments.

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